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Embark on a journey of precision and excellence with Flight Procedure Design, your beacon in aviation charting and navigation. With a seasoned team boasting 50+ years of combined expertise, we redefine safety and efficiency. Our commitment to innovation, coupled with world-class software, ensures fast, cost-effective solutions.


Airports and Heliports

Leaders in Land Surveying Excellence

Boasting a seasoned team with over 50 years of combined experience, we stand out in the Middle East's private land surveying arena. Our proficiency extends to Aerodrome Safeguarding, Flight Procedure Design, and Helipad Construction

Airspace Planning

International Leaders Since 2005

With a legacy of 100+ projects, our experts are globally recognized in Airspace Planning. From aviation consulting to operation-related projects, we foster clear stakeholder communication, ensuring an environment where roles and responsibilities are distinctly understood.

Aviation Consulting

Navigating Operations for Harmony

In our consulting endeavors, we prioritize creating a friendly and well-defined environment for all stakeholders. Our focus is on ensuring a correct understanding of roles and responsibilities across diverse processes.


Airspace Management

Efficient Skies, Controlled Operations

Obstacle Free Surface (OFS)

Navigating the Skies Without Obstruction

Aeronautical Studies

Precision Planning for Safe Air Travel

Airspace Management

Efficient Skies, Controlled Operations


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